It’s Real (Intro Cue)

The owner of a coffee shop is quietly serving a line of customers eagerly awaiting their morning cup. Suddenly two menacing figures materialize at the register. The look on their faces means only one thing: something terrible is about to happen. And then one draws a gun. They demand all the money from the register. But there’s something amiss here. The two figures are actually inside a Sony flat panel TV screen. And when the shop owner pulls out a TV remote control and presses the power button – it’s all over.

This was a student filmmaker 30 second spot for Sony’s It’s Real ad campaign, and I put together this opening musical cue establishing the drama when the figures appear. I also added sound design to the rest of the spot, and composed a music bumper for the It’s Real slogan at the end of the spot.

It’s Real (2007) – Director: John Entenmann

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NickIt’s Real (Intro Cue)

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