18 Birds in a Winter Sky

This song was inspired by a dream I had in which I was walking through a snowy landscape, alone beneath a dark, foreboding sky. I caught a glimpse of a flock of black feathered birds high above the clouds. As I watched them glide silently through the winter sky, I heard music.

At that moment, I woke up with the music still with me. Unlike most nights when this occurs, this time I dragged myself out of bed in the middle of the night and I went to my studio. I started improvising at the piano. It was 3am, and very quickly I was in an uninterrupted flow as if my left brain was completely shut off. I began recording, and improvised this song in one take. It was really pretty crazy. I normally take weeks slaving away at a song. And here I was, with an entire song finished in just a few minutes. I guess the critic in my head was still sleeping! I should probably write all my music at 3am!

Unfortunately the next day I came back down to earth with a bit of a bump.

I don’t read music well. So I had to spend several hours working out note by note what I had played before I could set about memorizing it. It was like learning a song someone else had written.

The structure doesn’t repeat itself. It restates parts, but in slightly different ways as it builds towards an ending. It’s very natural, all part of the flow, with no critic imposing rules.

People find this to be a very calming piece of music; my yoga teacher occasionally plays it during savasana at the end of a yoga session.

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The cover art for the single is a beautiful image of 18 birds that my wife painted.

18 Birds in a Winter Sky

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Nick18 Birds in a Winter Sky

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  1. Lydia Mangiardi

    Incredibly beautiful and haunting music. Captures the unknowable, sad and ethereal struggle to understand the mystery of the human spirit. Very reflective and evocative piece that complements the spirit of the film. Well done!

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